About Myrrh

You don't have to be just one thing that defines you. You can be multiple things and still remain completely undefined by what you do. That's the philosophy guiding Mor Elian's life.  creativity comes naturally to her whether in the form of music or the shape of handmade jewelry. Her passion for music and jewelry exist harmoniously as two halves of her being which draw inspiration from each other.


Earthly and Nomadic Inspired

MYRRH jewelry is earthly and nomadic inspired by Mor's vast travels and her love for the desert. The raw metal and brass shapes are geometric. The final pieces look as organic as the process leading up to their conception and creation. Mor is open to drawing inspiration from the slightest thing she comes across walking down the street. From there one idea sparks another, which in turn sparks yet another idea leading finally to the finished product. "I see something, think it's something I can work with and then develop an idea from it. And I look again to find it's not what I had originally thought, but that it would be interesting as a piece in itself," she tells us. 

Creative Style


 "The happy" accident as Mor calls it, is when something doesn't look like the way you originally designed it, or you when you have a design challenge. You look for creative solutions and you end up liking the solution much more than your original design idea. She believes that it's important for artists and creators to let go of any attachment to the original conception of design in order to open up a realm of creative possibilities.